Introducing Visitor Kiosk

Visitor Kiosk is a digital out of home advertising specialist.

We deploy and manage networks of digital display systems that have been developed to drive engagement and connectivity. The kiosks provide a cost effective, sustainable marketing solution using dynamic digital and video display.

Visitor Kiosk presents the opportunity to support Key Advertising Partners, and enable an all new distribution channel to share their brand stories, inspire people, driving both awareness and sales.

2 million
Guests per year*
Queenstown locations
Ad rotations per day
Kiwi owned
*based on an average 2.1 guests per room occupancy

Premium Digital Displays

Our system has been developed to drive engagement and connectivity, located in key accommodation facilities and high- foot-traffic locations, offering a unique proposition.

Featuring intuitive touch-screen technology that enhances the user experience, a single Visitor Kiosk displays far more information compared with a traditional paper brochure stand. It delivers the viewers chosen content in a matter of seconds, allowing potential customers to discover, plan and experience the best of what Queenstown has to offer.

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